Afghan Cell


Nov 28, 2016


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Afghan Cell

With Afghan Cell, you can easily find your credit balance, internet balance, or mobile number through an elegant user interface. This application gets the required information of your SIM, from the free services of the respective mobile network operator in Afghanistan and saves them, so you can instantly access the latest info about your credit balance or internet balance without any hassle.

You no longer need to dial the cumbersome code to find your credit balance. Simply place Afghan Cell widget on your phone screen and quickly get your balance with a click.

Benefits of using this application:

  • Quick access to latest SIM data such as: credit, internet and mobile number
  • By knowing your remaining internet, you can prevent wasting your credit
  • Instant credit balance retrieval with just a click
  • You no longer need to remember any codes or numbers to find your credit or internet balance

Abstract features of Afghan Cell:

  • Retrieve credit balance
  • Retrieve remaining internet
  • Retrieve phone number
  • Supports 3 languages: Persian, Pashto and English
  • Afghan Cell widget for instant retrieval of credit balance
  • Automatic detection of mobile network operator
  • Exclusive design
  • Comprehensive “Help” for further clarification