Attendance Alert


18 May, 2016


MiDS Consulting Company

As a junior software developer, me and my co-worker Ali Mussavi were tasked to create an application that would get a date as an input and find out all employees of the MiDS company who have come late on that date and inform all of them as well as the HR Department through email.

####Challenges we faced:

  • We had to connect the app to Microsoft SQL Server; so we found the mssql library to query the SQL Server.
  • We had to send an alert to every late-comer and inform the HR Department about the list of late-comers; so we found nodemailer library.

####Technologies we used:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Node.js

####Node.js packages used:

  • express
  • mssql
  • nodemailer
  • nodemailer-smtp-transport